M16A4 Call of Duty 4 Guide – How to Dominate at CoD4 Using the M16A4

M16A4 Call of Duty 4 Guide – How to Dominate at CoD4 Using the M16A4

The M16A4 is a great long range gun which is good at close range but very unforgiving. This article is to keep you up your game your M16A4, in the newest membe 38 super ammo for sale r of the Call of Duty series CoD4, to full potential.

With the M16A4 you need to keep your distance, the game was designed for the M16A4 to be a medium-long range gun but with steady aim, as long as every bullet in the burst hits your fine at close range. Just don’t go into close range on purpose, CoD4 is a game to actually not have so much lag you have to point your reticle a centimetre away from your opponents head. Also to get big streaks make sure your life stays at 100% if you ever take any hits and you don’t know where run evade immediately, if you try to fight back you probably won’t survive, in CoD4 the person who sees the other first, wins. This is how I got a 26 kill streak with an SMG (AK74U + Jugernaut). As long as you evade any battles where you get hit first you could avoid getting any deaths in a

For attachments the best one is the red dot sight, with virtually mo recoil every bullet will go where the red dot is, that’s what makes it such a great long range weapon. For search and destroy you may want it silenced or a grenade launcher, this is find as long as you like the iron sight. As for the ACOG scope, only use it if you’re good with it, I personally cannot use the ACOG scope and only ever use it when I have no ammo in my current gun and need to pick one up (which rarely ever happens in a game).

For the first, blue perk you can pick literally anything you want, the M16A4 is a very versatile weapon and will work depending on your style, e.g. Claymores: camping/ protecting flanks, Bandolier: not dying, etc. note: every first perk won’t work with every gun, e.g. RPGs with sniping.

For the second, red perk there is one main contender, it’s pretty obvious and does have a huge difference: Stopping Power. Stopping Power is what turns the M16A4 into a one burst kill on a Jugernaut. You can use Jugernaut if you really don’t want to die/ die a lot, but anything apart from Stopping Power makes the M16A4 not feel as dominating.

Or the third perk the main contenders are Steady Aim and Deep Impact. Deep Impact if you are more defensive in games and Steady Aim if you are more offensive in the game, if you must you can have something else but those two are all I ever use with it.

For the side arm, you’ll want either a (gold) Desert Eagle or a Silenced USP. Silenced USP if you’re more defensive/a camper, or Desert Eagle for when you’re playing the game offensively run out of ammo and need some quick power.

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